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Brand Bylectrica


BYLECTRICA products are intended for those who want to easily and reliably carry out electrical wiring in home, office, industrial or other premises.
The company offers six inlet assembly products lines - Ujut, Style, Harmony, Harmony Lux, Paritet, Master (new) products and three surface mount products lines - Praleska, Plastic, Retro (new)
switches, sockets, systems.
Various colors available.

Products  Ujut 2011, Style 2008, Harmony 2008 are without screw wires connection.
Additional offered products are plug - socket connection for electric cookers, electrical calls, other switches, couplers and connectors.
Housing parts are made from fire-resistant, UV rays and external influences ABS plastic. Silver plated contacts provides reliable performance and durability. Background is made of fire-resistant and environmentally friendly polyamide. Products can be installed to the mounting box with the mounting tabs and galvanized metal plate allows to use framework-node system units. The additional constructive solutions are used for phase and ground contacts reliability. The contemporary design.


Announced BYLECTRICA products  regional representatives selection!

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